Michael K. Garrett, CEO and President

CNS Healthcare is proud of the services we provided in 2017.  This report outlines some of our achievements as well as the progress of the more than 13,000 consumers and patients we supported.  

Last year, CNS Healthcare focused on Advancing Consumer Care.  We made a concerted effort to make it easier for consumers and patients to receive healthcare services by implementing technological and innovative solutions.   

Specifically, we concentrated on real world “convenient” solutions that worked for patients such as extended office hours and ensuring our new headquarters was centrally located on a bus route. We expanded use of TeleHealth and MyCEHR, which allow consumers and patients access to their health information, electronically.  Our goals were to remove as many barriers as possible and increase access to services.  

In 2017, I talked about change is coming.  Now, 2018, I maintain, change is here.  During this healthcare transformation, CNS Healthcare will focus on how we can yet improve, in every way – reaching more people, providing additional support services for individuals and their families, expanding our partnerships in the community, and delivering efficient, high-quality services to people in Oakland and Wayne counties as well as throughout Southeast Michigan. 


Michael Garrett Signature

Michael K. Garrett

CEO and President