Peer Delivered ServicesCNS Healthcare is proud to offer almost 50 support groups that facilitate recovery, coping skills, community inclusion and wellness.  Several are offered by peers while others are offered within the case management and therapy programs. Peers have lived experiences with mental illness and/or substance abuse and therefore, have a unique understanding of mental health and recovery.  Group programs taught by certified CNS Healthcare Peer Support Specialists include:

Personal Action Toward Health (PATH) – this group helps people learn techniques and strategies for the day-to-day management of chronic or long-term health conditions.  

Whole Health Action Management (WHAM– this program increases resiliency, wellness, and self-management of health and behavioral health and encourages healthy eating, physical activity, restful sleep, stress management and positive thinking.  

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) – this program provides a system for monitoring, reducing and eliminating uncomfortable or dangerous physical and emotional difficulties.  

Smoking Cessation and Healthy Living & Tobacco Education (HLTE) – are two different groups, both focus on reducing or eliminating the use of tobacco through good nutrition, exercise, and positive coping techniques.    

Other peer-delivered services may include trauma recovery support, LGBTQ support, women and men’s recovery focused groups.