Individual Placement and Support (IPS) provides career opportunities to people traditionally denied jobs due to the perceived severity of their medical condition.  IPS employees work with each consumer to assess the consumer’s career interests and prepare them to succeed in the workplace.   

Consumers receiving IPS services can expect:  

  • Assistance with resume writing 
  • Refinement of communication and interviewing skills  
  • Links to educational training 
  • Social skills and work ethic consultation 

IPS works in collaboration with the consumer’s case manager and primary treatment team.   

Community employers working with IPS can expect:  

  • Pre-screened, ready to work applicants with a wide-range of skills and abilities 
  • Monitoring supports for employees to ensure job retention 
  • Employment specialists that understand employers’ needs and provide qualified applicants for the job 
  • Tax Incentives from the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), which provides a tax credit for employers who hire targeted, low-income groups 

IPS staff also work in the community, identifying appropriate work opportunities through Michigan Rehabilitative Services and other community organizations.