CNS Healthcare is very proud of the recognition we have garnered and the awards we have won over the years.  Our high-quality work continually positions us as a behavioral health services leader within Oakland County, southeast Michigan and the state.

Selected accolades:

2018 –CNS Healthcare Employees received NAMI Michigan Honors Awards

Sarah Scantamburlo, PA: “Clinical Professional”

George Fettig, CPSS, and Lynette Johnson, CPSS:  “Media”

2018 –Visions Clubhouse achieved Clubhouse International Accreditation

2015 –Our House Clubhouse achieved Clubhouse International Accreditation

2015 –Received 100% on 2014/2015 Quality Improvement Plan

2012 –Awarded 3 year CARF Accreditation

2012 –Partners in Excellence Award, Michigan Association of Community Mental Health Boards

2011 –Cookie Gant Spirit Award for Advocacy, Michigan Department of Community Health Recipient Rights

2011 –National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare, Honorable Mention, Excellence in Consumer Advocacy

2008 –Mental Illness Research Association (MIRA) Milestone Award presented to a truly outstanding organization or individual whose relentless service and dedication to mental health has made a significant impact in the lives of our most vulnerable citizens

2008 –Alliance on Mental Illness (AMI) of Oakland County – Michael Curtis Award presented to consumers who have done extraordinary things to help other consumers

2008 –Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Voice Awards, Honorable Mention, for Documentary Film

2007 –Oakland County Community Mental Health Stigma Buster Award

2006 –Lilly Reintegration Award for Advocacy, 2nd place, given to honor treatment teams, programs and services that assist those with severe mental illness as they re-enter the community, as well as individuals with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia who provide hope and support to their peers

2006 –Michigan Department of Community Health Director’s Award for Innovation in Rights Protection given to agencies that have created a new and different way of enacting the vision of recipient rights or of a rights office and have demonstrated a willingness to share the innovation with others